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If you have used a pellet grill before, then you know that they are typically chunky and heavy units.

Portability is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pellet grills.

However, because of the popularity of pellet grills, there are now several wonderful portable variants available on the market.

There are a lot of clever additions that the manufacturers have made to their pellet smokers so that it is easier for you to move it from one location to another.

The majority of grilling is done over gas or charcoal, and if you want flavored smoke, you can always add wood chips or pieces to the grill.

Pellet grills can give your food the flavor and scent of real wood while making it a lot easier for you to cook the various meats that you are having at your BBQ.

Portable pellet grills give you the added convenience of being able to have a BBQ wherever you would like and the convenience that comes along with using a manufactured product.

This opens up a lot of new possibilities for outdoor cooking.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most well-known portable pellet grills and smokers that you can buy right now.

We are going to explain why we think these grills are so good, as well as what you should look for in a grill like this before you purchase it so that you can make the right decision about which model is ideal for you.

Here are the very best portable pellet smokers to take on your next outdoor adventure!


Rec Tec Trailblazer Rt-340

The Trailblazer has modern convenience features such as controlled lighting for nighttime cooking and Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone-based remote monitoring.

It is designed to deliver the greatest experience possible, regardless of whether it is used at home or on the road.

The use of dual meat probes is a great feature of this grill.

The probes, which may be immediately inserted into the auger control unit, allow you to get consistently excellent results by measuring the inner temperature of the meat.

(Remember that temperature, not time, determines how completely meat is cooked, so, a thermometer is much more important than a timer.)

Smoking and roasting enthusiasts would also find the dual meat probe thermometers to be extremely helpful.

However, if you are only interested in grilling, then the large pellet hopper and two meat probes will likely be of little use to you.

The Trailblazer is equipped with an automatic start/stop mechanism, making it safe and easy to operate.

The legs may be folded up to make it smaller and easier to carry, and the lid can be secured in place.

There is no paint anywhere on this grill, so you won’t have to worry about scratching it off when you travel.

This BBQ should keep its appearance for years. This is helped even more by the included cover to protect the grill when you are traveling.

Do you intend to spend equal time grilling pellets at home and on the road? Wi-Fi connectivity is ideal for use in the comfort of your own home, while the large hopper is ideal for smoking throughout the long summer days.

The fact that it can be folded, secured, and put into a car (with the help of a friend) makes it a fantastic option for traveling.

However, it is somewhat heavy, so if you are planning on traveling alone or cannot lift heavy things, you may discover that a smaller grill meets your needs better.

The REC TEC RT-340 is a perfect mix between portability and a grilling experience without compromise.

Even though it may be folded up to be carried camping or to a tailgate party, it is large enough that it is still suitable for home use when hosting a big BBQ gathering.

In addition, it is stylish enough for you to flaunt it in front of your grill-loving friends. If you enjoy grilling, this is a highly recommended product.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity – as you can control the grill from your smartphone, you are free to move away from the grill and socialize with friends and family without worrying about burning your meat
  • Can be folded – when folded down this grill can fit into the back of a car
  • 2 temperature probes- this makes temperature monitoring and control even more accurate and allows you to keep track of the temperature of two different items


  • Heavy – weighing 80 pounds, this is a pretty heavy grill despite being advertised as portable. You will probably need the help of someone to get it in and out of your car
  • No second rack – while this is a standard on most grills, the RT-340 does not come with one

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Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Black, 300 sq in

When you purchase a Traeger, you instantly join a group of people who use the word Traeger as both a noun and a verb, as in “to Traeger” and “This weekend, I’ll be Traegering some brisket.”

They are a devoted bunch and for good reason. Traeger produces a superb pellet smoker, with their products being some of the most popular in the United States.

The auger mechanism included in every Traeger grill is meant to aid in maintaining a constant temperature without asking you to do anything more than add pellets. This means that the quality is constant across various models.

Even though the Tailgater looks pretty basic, you will notice how well made it is when you first set eyes on it.

Made of strong steel, the standout feature in terms of looks is the bronze-finished lid, which helps it stand out in a market dominated by black and stainless steel.

300 square inches of cooking space on a single level is not bad for a portable grill, and you can cook plenty of steaks or burgers in addition to smoking a few briskets on the porcelain grate.

If you routinely take part in tailgating, it should come as no surprise that this option is the best for you given its name!

Due to its reasonable size, two people should be able to easily put this grill into the back of a truck or RV.

However, due to its size, (36” H x 18” D x 37” W), this is probably not right for you if you have a small car.

Even when the legs are folded, it has a somewhat big footprint, making it unsuitable for smaller areas.

Also, the maximum temperature of around 450 degrees Fahrenheit may prohibit you from attaining a truly outstanding sear, so if steaks are your go-to food, you may want to look for other options.

Traeger produces high-quality pellet grills, and the Tailgater allows you to enjoy the Traeger experience even when you’re not in your backyard.

This great product’s usability and versatility will be appreciated by both BBQ novices and seasoned experts.


  • Legs fold – this makes it easier to travel with
  • Somewhat lightweight – while pellet grills are always a bit heavy despite being labeled as “portable” this one is one of the lighter ones you can get, with it weighing 62 pounds
  • Drip bucket – avoid spills and messes thanks to the included drip bucket


  • Low max temperature – this grill only has a maximum temperature of 450F, which is not enough to get a good sear on a steak
  • Does not have temperature probes – with no temperature probe connection, it will be a bit difficult to monitor and keep the temperature consistent

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Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Package, Cover and Tote Included - WiFi Enabled

At first glance, you will immediately see that there is something different about this pellet grill.

It is essentially a mini version of a full-sized grill.

You may connect the Davy Crockett to a 12V outlet in your vehicle, generator, or battery pack, in addition to the standard wall plug.

This allows you to use this grill almost anywhere.

What’s even more impressive is that if none of these options are available to you, you can use the accompanying alligator clips to link the cable straight to your car’s battery.

The support legs of the cooking chamber are ingeniously engineered to fold up and over to use as carrying handles.

It is a useful feature, but at 68 pounds, you may still need assistance moving it about.

The ability to connect the temperature probe directly to the digital display on the auger controls is an extra convenient feature.

This eliminates the need to guess if the meat is cooked and saves you the cost of a digital thermometer.

The designers incorporated a side shelf and utensil hooks because the product’s primary purpose is for travel.

Because let’s face it, if you’re going to be cooking or camping in a stadium’s parking lot, there probably won’t be a comfortable place to set things down.

At home, you’ll like the huge hopper that allows for longer smoking sessions, as well as the ability to check the temperature from your smartphone using the Wi-Fi network in your home and a free app.

In addition, this package includes a waterproof cover for protecting your brand-new grill from the weather.

This is certainly one of the best alternatives for grillers who are always on the go, and it is particularly beneficial for camping as opposed to glamping.

It is ideal for someone who mostly grills but also wants to smoke sometimes.

Small families or groups of friends will enjoy how small it is, and it is great for someone whose primary cooking method is grilling.

Due to the small hopper, unattended cooking times will be limited.

So, if smoking massive briskets are your thing, you should consider upgrading to a larger unit.

The Davy Crockett is an outstanding portable pellet grill. It will provide a great amount of flavor to the BBQs that take place in your backyard or on the road, despite its little size.


  • Can be folded down – both the side shelf and legs fold down to make the unit smaller and more portable
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and app – this allows you to move away from the girl for a while and socialize with friends and family, while still being able to monitor everything from your phone
  • Many power options – this grill can be powered by a battery pack, generator, or even your cars battery, so you can grill anywhere


  • No wheels – makes moving it a bit more difficult
  • Small cooking surface – with just 219 square inches of cooking space, you will not be able to cook a lot of meat at once

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Camp Chef Pursuit 20 Portable Pellet Grill Smoker

Camp Chef 20' Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill, PPG20, Black, Stainless, Total Rack Surface Area: 501 sq. in

This girl was designed and developed from the outset with portability in mind, so you’ll want to bring it with you everywhere you go.

A key feature that is often overlooked by designers of portable girls is that it must have a lockable lid so that things don’t move around or fall out in transport. This girl has this feature, which is very convenient.

For added portability, the legs of this grill can be folded up, and it can then be pulled behind you like a suitcase thanks to the smart positioning of the grill’s enormous, sturdy wheels.

With this grill, you get 501 square inches of total space, but each grate is relatively little because the rack space is almost equally divided between the top and bottom grates.

In addition, there is a very limited amount of space available to you in terms of cubic inches, meaning that roasts, birds, briskets, and other such objects have a very limited amount of height.

Despite this, you have a broad variety of temperatures to select from whether smoking, roasting, or grilling.

Even better, it includes not one but two temperature probes that can be linked to the built-in LCD.

The degree of doneness is never something that should be assumed, and we appreciate the money-saving feature.

You will also receive the standard Camp Chef features, including an automated igniter and auger, simple temperature control, and an ash clean-out system.

You should be aware that your cooking options will be rather limited. However, it’s no big issue!

You probably did not drive up to the lake to sit there for 10 hours and have a long smoking session anyway.

With this grill, you will be able to prepare delicious burgers, steaks, poultry, wings, and ribs, among other delicacies.

And the entire meal will have the flavor of authentic wood smoke. Additionally, the bottle opener is already connected.

The ideal user for the Camp Chef PPG20 is someone who often makes meals away from home.

This portable pellet grill is excellent for individuals who choose to spend their weekends and summer vacations on the sea or camping in the great outdoors.

Due to its smaller-than-average capacity, this grill may not be suited for persons who spend most of their time at home yet occasionally like smoking and grilling.

This is not the pellet grill for you if you wish to simultaneously smoke two 10-pound briskets or an entire turkey.

The Camp Chef Pellet Grill is one of the greatest pellet grills on the market, and it is genuinely portable, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go.

In addition, it offers an unparalleled pellet cooking experience.


  • Can be folded down – able to fold down so it is only 2 feet tall, this makes the grill very portable
  • The lid can be locked – you won’t have to worry about anything falling out when on your travel
  • 2 temperature probes- allows you to get very accurate temperature readings, improving the cooking experience


  • Limited height – this will stop you from cooking bigger foods such as brisket
  • Small grates- you will not be able to cook a lot of food at once due to the small cooking space

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Buyers Guide

Here is what you have to think about when buying a portable pellet grill.


You must confirm that the grill’s dimensions are suitable for your vehicle’s trunk or bed.

You should also consider mobility factors such as how readily the legs fold away, the grill’s weight, and the number of persons required for construction and disassembly.

A larger pellet hopper can hold more wood pellets, but bigger is not necessarily better.

A bigger grill consumes more pellets, so check the manufacturer’s website to determine the overall cooking time.


There are many ways to power a portable pellet barbeque.

In addition to standard electricity, you may power your grill using a 12-volt DC connection in your car.

Most types are powered by a car connection, a generator, or a battery.

Cooking Area

Portable means compact, and compact equals a smaller cooking area.

Check the size of the cooking chamber before purchasing if you want to prepare for a large number of people or many foods at once.

Due to limited cooking capacity, the last thing you want is for people to go hungry.


When choosing any form of outdoor cooking equipment, construction quality is very important.

You will need something sturdy and durable so that it does not fracture or fall apart during usage.

Determine how much damage your new portable pellet BBQ can sustain by examining the construction components.

In general, stainless steel is a stronger material than plastic, but keep in mind that stainless steel is available in various grades.

Remember that movable equipment is far more likely to be damaged than fixed parts.

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