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Everyone loves a good BBQ, and everyone loves a good grill. If you’re really into grilling, there are lots of different types of grills you can invest in, one type being the Traeger grill.

If you have a Traeger grill already you might have a few questions that need to be answered, like “can a Traeger grill get wet?”.

If you don’t have one at all, you might be wondering what a Traeger grill even is.

Well, you’re in luck with both! We’ll be going over everything you need to know about what a Traeger grill is and everything you need to know about what happens if it gets wet. So, read on to find out all you need to know!


What Is A Traeger Grill?

For those of you who are wondering what a Traeger grill is and what makes it different from a regular grill, you’ve come to the right place.

A Traeger is a wood pellet grill. Pellet grills are different from normal grills because they use indirect heat to cook any food on the grill, rather than direct heat or flame-to-food cooking.

Wood pellets are moved from the hopper, which is attached to the side of the grill, and they are then ignited by hot metal rods.

This filters the smoke into the grill. So by all technicality, the Traeger grill is a smoker grill.

A fan also circulates the heat and smoke around the grill which keeps cooking consistent and there is even a drip tray that keeps the flames under control and stops them from getting on your food.

The whole Traeger grill is operated with a controller that monitors the temperature for you and allows you to spend less time having to concentrate on the grill.

Can A Traeger Grill Get Wet?

Straight off the bat, it’s important for you to know that Traeger grills are not waterproof. It has to be plugged into work and it uses a lot of electricity.

You can use it when it’s raining outside, but you’ll have to put precautions in place to make sure the grill doesn’t get damaged.

It’s in your best interest to keep your Traeger grill away from water of all kinds. It will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run.

What Happens If A Traeger Grill Gets Wet

What Happens If A Traeger Grill Gets Wet

If your Traeger grill does get wet, a few things can happen, depending on the water damage.

If you don’t have the proper coverage on your Traeger, it can get rust, the control panel can lose its connectivity, and the pellet auger can get jammed.

All of these problems can render your whole grill unusable, so it’s in your best interest to keep your Traeger grill as dry as possible.

Rust is a big issue for the Traeger grill, especially if you leave it outside for long periods of time and there’s been a lot of rain.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your Traeger grill covered up and if possible, when you aren’t using the grill, it should be stored away in a dry area.

If water gets in the pellets it can seriously damage your overall grill. When the pellets get wet they expand and start to disintegrate so they become useless.

When the pellets get wet they can jam and can cause a blockage in the auger.

If the auger gets blocked it can cause temperature irregularities that can be very dangerous or they could not heat up at all.

A good tip is to store any of your unused pellets somewhere that are dry and has no moisture of no kind. Even humid rooms and areas can be damaging to your pellets.

Finally, if the control panel gets water damaged, it can cause connection problems and if the control panel isn’t working, your whole grill can become compromised.

The control panel is also what controls the temperature of the Traeger grill and if the connection isn’t working properly it can cause temperature fluctuations.

How To Protect Your Traeger Grill From Water

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to protect your Traeger grill from water.

The main thing you need to remember is that rain is not your Traeger grill’s friend, so as long as you keep it out of the rain, you can mostly avoid these problems.

But there are some extra precautions you can take such as the following:

Get A Weather Resistant Cover

We’ve already briefly mentioned this, but a weather-resistant cover is a great thing to get to keep your Traeger grill dry.

The better quality the cover, the better it will protect your grill. It’s better to spend more money on a better cover for protection that will last longer and better.

Store The Grill Indoors

This one depends on your living situation and house setup, but if you can store your grill indoors when it’s raining or when you’re not using it, you should.

This is the best option of the four when it comes to your Traeger grill protection.

Remember The Power Cord

A Traeger grill needs to be plugged in when it’s being used, so remember to always keep an eye on the power cord.

Though it isn’t recommended to use an extension cord, people usually use one anyway because the Traeger cord is so small, so you’ll want to invest in a good power cord to keep your grill working properly for longer.

Final Thoughts

So long story short, you don’t want to get your Traeger grill wet and you want to keep it away from any rooms or areas that contain a lot of moisture.

If you sort this out from the beginning, you’ll have fewer problems in the long run.

Traeger grills are a serious investment that requires a lot of attention and care, but they are an essential luxury for all grilling and BBQ enthusiasts.

But as long as you look after them properly they should last for many, many more backyard cooking engagements.

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