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We all enjoy a good barbecue in the summer, but some people want to take their barbecuing to the next level. This is why some people would invest in a smoke tube for their pellet grill.

Smoking pellets are an alternative to smoking wood chips or chunks. They can be used with any type of pellet grill and they are much easier to use than wood chips or chunks.

The main benefit of using pellets over wood chips or chunks is that you don’t have to worry about the mess. You simply load your smoker box with pellets and let it do its thing.

It will produce great-tasting food without having to clean up after yourself. Pellets also give off less ash as compared to wood chips or chunks.


What Is A Smoke Tube?

A smoke tube is basically a metal container that holds pellets. The smoke tube sits on top of the cooking grate inside your pellet grill.

When you light the pellets inside the smoke tube, they burn slowly and evenly, producing a smoky flavor that enhances the taste of your meat.

You can buy a smoke tube from most retailers who sell pellet grills. However, if you already own a pellet grill, you can make your own smoke tube by cutting down a regular barbecue chimney.

Why Buy A Smoke Tube?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider buying a smoke tube instead of just using wood chips or chunks.

Here are some of them:

No Cleanup

If you want to save time when it comes to cleaning up after a cookout, then you should definitely go with pellets. With pellets, there is no need to clean up the ashes because they are made out of compressed sawdust.

Less Ash

Wood chips and chunks create a lot of ash which can get everywhere. As such, you may find yourself cleaning up more often.

On the other hand, pellets only leave behind a small amount of ash which will not affect the final taste of your meat and also save you time cleaning up afterward.

More Flavor

One of the biggest benefits of using pellets is that they add a lot of flavor to your food.

Since they are made out of sawdust, they burn a lot slower, which will help to infuse your meat with a delicious smoky flavor.

Easy To Use

Another reason why you should consider buying a smoke tube is that it makes it easy to use.

Instead of loading wood chips or chunks into your pellet grill, you simply put pellets in the smoke tube.

Then you place the smoke tube on top of the cooking grid and light the pellets. Once the pellets are lit, you can start cooking right away.

Easier To Store

If you like to keep things organized, then you should think about storing your smoke tubes in a convenient location.

For example, you could store them in a drawer under your pellet grill. Or you could even hang them on hooks so that you can easily access them whenever you need them.

Better Value

While you can still buy a smoke tube for a reasonable price.

This makes it great for anyone who is a first-time barbecue or someone that has been barbecuing for a while and wants to elevate their meat or vegetables to the next level.

How Can I Use A Smoker Tube?

If you decide to purchase a smoke tube, you will be able to use it immediately. All you have to do is fill it with pellets and light them. Then you can start cooking immediately.

How To Use A Smoker Tube Source: Inspire Uplift

However, if you already own an electric pellet grill, you don’t necessarily have to spend money on a smoker tube.

You can use your existing setup as long as you follow these simple instructions.

1. Remove Your Cooking Grid

First thing you need to do is remove your cooking grid. You can either take it off completely or at least move it aside so that you can work on the smoke tube.

2. Place The Smoke Tube In Its Proper Position

After removing the cooking grid, you need to place the smoke tube where you want it to be. Make sure that it is placed on top of the cooking grate so that it does not fall through.

3. Light Pellets

Now that everything is set up properly, all you need to do is light pellets. You can use any type of pellets that you prefer. However, make sure that you choose ones that are designed for smoking.

4. Start Cooking

Once the pellets are lit and ready to go, you can start cooking. Just make sure that you maintain a safe distance from the fire so that you do not get burned.

Smoker Tube Or Smoker Box?

While there are many advantages to using a smoker tube over a smoker box, some people prefer to use the latter instead.

Here are some reasons why:

It Is Much Cheaper

When you compare the two options, you will notice that a smoker tube is much cheaper than a smoker box.

Of course, this depends on what brand you are going to purchase. But when it comes to the average person, a smoker tube is definitely more affordable.

It Has More Control

Since a smoker tube allows you to control the temperature inside the chamber, you can cook food to perfection without having to worry about burning it.

It Allows You To Cook Faster

One of the biggest benefits of using a smoker tube is that it allows you to cook faster. As opposed to a smoker box which takes longer to heat up, a smoker tube heats up very quickly.

Our Final Say

We hope that we were able to help you determine whether a smoker tube is right for you.

We also hope that you found our review helpful for your particular style of grilling and for your future BBQing needs.

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