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When it comes to grilling, the biggest decision is what grill to buy.

There are so many choices and honestly it’s hard to know exactly what the differences between them are if you’re new to grilling.

Which is why we have made the ultimate guide to two of the more popular grill types, pellet and grill.

This way you can choose the right type of grill for your cooking style.


Pellet Grill

A pellet grill can be described better as a ‘outdoor oven’ rather than a grill. This is because it cooks the food through the use of indirect heat and a convection fan.

It is also easy to set your food to a temperature and then forget about it until it’s cooked, sort of like an oven.

When compared to other grills, a pellet grill is not as common and so it can be more expensive to buy one. But they’re easy to maintain and use so it’s a good trade off.

As for fuel, a pellet grill uses wood pellets and electricity. This means you need an electric main to use it, so it’s not ideal for camping.

It would however be easy to travel with since you don’t need to bring a gas tank as well.

Compared to charcoal grills, pellet grills are more fuel efficient. This is because the pellets are lit on fire and the smoke and fan do most of the cooking rather than the heat of the fire.

Unfortunately pellets are harder to find when compared to charcoal, so when you find a brand you like it’s a good idea to stock up on them.

The nature of having an electric grill means it is also packed with technology.

Some pellet grills on the market even let you control the temperature with your smartphone.

How Do Pellet Grills Work?

  1. Pellets go into the hopper.
  2. The pellets move to the auger. This is a screw-shaped tube that leads to the firepot.
  3. The firepot has a heated beam inside it which lights the pellets on fire.
  4. As smoke is produced from the fire, a convection fan controls it to cook the food.

Gas Grill

Gas grills are a staple for any summer barbeque. They’re easy to find on the market and generally cheaper than other grills available.

Perfect for if you need a barbecue as soon as possible, and don’t have time to shop around.

They’re great for giving meat that desired seared look and can cook food quickly.

Gas grills also work with a plethora of accessories like smoker boxes and burner plates.

Because they cook the food with gas rather than smoke, your grill will be very easy to clean.

All you need to do is clean up any meat juices and then deep clean it once a year. It cannot get any easier.

Gas grills also don’t require electricity, so they’re perfect for any camping trip.

Gas tanks are easy to find so you’ll always have a ready supply of fuel.

How Do Gas Grills Work?

  1. Uses a gas source as fuel. This can be from a tank or a natural line to your house.
  2. Gas grills have at least 2 main burners which are surrounded by tiny holes which pump out the gas.
  3. The gas is then ignited creating a controlled flame. If you have a gas stovetop then you’ll know what this looks like.
  4. The hood of the grill traps the air inside, raising the temperature. You can cook your food with the lid open or closed.

Operating Temperature



Where pellet grills shine is as a low and slow form of cooking.

They perform best around the 200-350 degrees range, so if you’re one for slow cooking your meat then a pellet grill is for you.

However, they don’t do well with higher heats with 400 being the highest they can usually go.

Although they cook slowly, this isn’t reflective of how fast they get up to heat.

The average pellet grill only takes about 15 minutes to reach the correct temperature.

The nature of the electric power also means the temperature is easy to control and you can accurately get it to the desired heat.


If you want quick food, then gas grills are the right choice. Most gas grills can reach around 500 degrees, some high end ones can even reach 700 degrees.

Most gas grills are controlled by dials, this makes it harder to control the exact temperature.

They also struggle to perform at lower temperatures.

Because the heat is controlled by gas, it means the grill can quickly reach higher temperatures.

Is There a Difference In Flavor?


Pellet grills are often called pellet smokers because of their slow cooking methods and use of smoke and fans.

Unlike an actual smoker, pellet grills give a more mild smoky flavor which can subtly enhance any meal.

Most wood pellets are made from a variety of hardwoods. This means you can choose different wood pellets to give different flavors.

Cherry woods gives a subtle fruity taste, whereas hickory gives a bacon-like flavor.


Gas grills have no fuel involved that would impart flavor. This means that any seasoning on the meat would be the star of the show.

The use of heat in a gas grill will also give you a beautiful caramelization on certain marinades.

If you enjoy the smoky flavor, then you are able to buy a smoker box to go on your gas grill.


Ultimately, it is up to your preference over which grill you choose.

A pellet grill takes longer to cook meat but gives you a wonderfully mild smoky flavor.

A gas grill gives you a budget-friendly barbeque staple that is easy to fuel.

Either way you know you’ll get a delicious meal and a grill you won’t regret buying.

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